Bluefields Education Project

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” - Laertius Diogenes

Our founderS

August 2008 -

John and Josiah Pankey travel to Bluefields to work with Father's Heart mission in Bluefields, Nicaragua.  They meet two men with a heart to educate the poorest children in Bluefields.  School started with 20 students.

September 2008 -

John meets with Skip and Pam Koshak and Rachelle Pankey to discuss supporting a school in Nicaragua.  501c3 formed.

2009 -

Father Heart School grows over 100% in the first year to educating more than 50 children.  Grades K-2 are meeting in a one room schoolhouse

2011 -

Bluefields Education Project funds a new school building.  The new facility provides four separate classrooms and a teacher's office.  The distinct spaces provide a better learning environment for the students AND the teachers!

organization History

mission & vision

The cycle of poverty has continued for millions of children and families worldwide.  We devote our resources to help educate those least able to afford it.


Our donors support our projects by either joining us in the field during our annual trip to Bluefields or providing funds that we apply directly to teacher salaries or school supplies

recent programs

We currently offer the "Sponsor a Desk" program providing donors an affordable option to support the school monthly.  One-time gifts are also extremely helpful for school projects

John and Skip entertaining the locals in Bluefields City Park